There is nothing ‘deep’ or witty about this entry; it is merely something tender.

I had a delightful time last month in Delaware for oh so many reasons. I came home with many memories and not a few fabulous take home gifts – or ‘prizes’ as we call them in the House of Spo. And then there are the photographs, which have been exchanged over the weeks like recipes a from a church picnic.

I want to share this one, for it is my favorite.


I love how it captures the urtext of the event and my feelings.  First of all it is taken my Mark H., and what can be better than that?  All weekend long bright and gay colours were figuratively and literally flying around, and I love colour. Much of these colours were in shirts I’ve made for people, which was a honor to behold. In this photo, Ron is wearing his. The tissue flowers are red, the colour of passion and Life.  The photo captures the happiness Ron T. gave and received. And it is always good to see him smile!

The photo isn’t quite clear who is throwing to whom which is wonderful – the giver and the receiver are simultaneously one and the other.  It reminds me of a print in my office, of two men in a canoe, going somewhere but it isn’t clear who is leading whom.  The picture radiates spontaniety,  happiness, and whimsy.  Mark could not have shot abetter photo if he had planned it.

So this is my favorite souvenir.

Why, it’s even better than cha-cha heels!  😀