Urspo Kicks the Bucket

Well not quite. What I mean is I thought I would make a bucket list. I’ve not seen the movie from whence this list derives. The expression seems common enough for I hear about it frequently from my patients as they talk about the things they want to do before they die.  I am no spring chicken. I know from experience the wisdom of making lists for keeping track of things. The purpose of a Bucket List is to a) solidify your dreams and b) better the chance you will do them.   It also makes a nice self-examination exercise, showing the maker something about his or her self.

Alas, as soon as I decided to make such a list I can’t get them down. All my half-baked ideas refuse to solidify onto paper.   The difficulty to make a list may be a good sign I’ve done what I wanted to do in life, or it may be a bad sign I have no dreams.

But the making of a Bucket List is a work in progress, and a Journey begins with a single step.

So far, here’s my list –

See Ireland.

Visit a tea plantation.

I have an accordion file chock-full of recipes torn out of food magazines. I would like to make them all. 

Drink  “Yellow Spot” Whisky. 

See all of Verdi’s operas.

Read “The Divine Comedy”


Something left intentionally blank lest my relatives are reading this.

It isn’t much to go on but it’s a start.

I’d be curious to know if Spo-fans have a bucket list and have any recommendations on how to make a proper one. I don’t know if personal achievements count, such as “Bench press a certain weight” or “Flatten my stomach”.

Meanwhile the weekend has a more modest list :
See the Live from the Met HD production of “Julius Caesar”.

Go to the gym

Dictate charts

Play the piano

Sew buttons on two nearly completed shirts, thus completing them.  

Repot the tomatoes

Take inventory of the Whisky collection and see what’s next. 

I live a dull life.  🙂