There is nothing profound nor witty about this entry. It’s my latest shirts.  Usually I make’em one at a time. These two I made in parallel, as both used navy blue thread.


The Dutch fabric was sent my my dear friend and blogger buddy Peter.  I can’t get him to take the shirt, so I will keep it in honor’s sake of Peter. All I need now is some proper Edam cheese and I’m a true Dutchman!  Dank u Peter!



This is another “Shirt of Shirts”. Its brother went around the world and Cubby  (another dear!)  has it.  I made mine in red lest bloggers confuse us.



I am not sure what I will do with these shirts. I suppose I will keep them for my own.  Perhaps I will give them away.

If strapped for cash I can auction them off to the highest bidders on the winner(s) come visit me to pick it up.

I also charge ‘Reasonable alteration fees’ if needed.  🙂