Today’s Pic of the Day is Urs Truly, inspecting my brain for lumps and lacunae. As a psychiatrist I am continually trying to figure out how brains tick and why they are out of kilter.

There is a lot of false beliefs about the brain, such as “we only use 10% of our brains”, or it is static or can’t change.  People on low carbohydrate diets do so at their risk, for the brain consumes most of our daily calories and it can only burn carbs.

The two sides of the brain are not as fragmented as as people imagine it to be.  Both sides contribute to vision, language and reason. The Left side does more specific things while the R side is more abstract/general. Let’s use attention for an example:  the R side of the brain provides sustained broad vigilant alertness while the L side has narrow sharply focused attention.

Einstein said the rational mind (L) is a faithful servant while the intuitive mind (R) is a sacred gift

Humans have well developed frontal lobes, whose main job is to inhibit the lower parts. It is the ‘super ego’ to our ‘id’ parts.  Tact, manners and self restraint comes from this part of the brain.

Alas, I don’t know where in the brain lies the propensity for a group of people to go through an exit door and then stop and talk, thus blocking the exit for the people behind them who are still trying to get out.