Today’s Pic of the Day is a couple of Wicked Witches; The Wicked Witch of the Northeast and The Wicked Witch of the North by Northeast.  Their wickedness is of the following type :

wicked |ˈwikid|

adjective ( wickeder, wickedest ).

• playfully mischievous: Ben has a wicked sense of humor.

  • informal excellent; wonderful: Sophie makes wicked cakes.

Their powers are no less than conventionally wicked witches, so don’t f-ck with them fellas!

I have a panache for strong women A.K.A Warrior Queens.  At work I have three bosses, one is female. Guess who I go to when I want something accomplished.

I find it ironical the greatest monarchs of England were all women < Elizabeth I and II, Anne, and of course Victoria.  Which is why if Mrs. Clinton runs for president I will gladly vote for her.

My Jungian education reminds me strong women in touch with The Warrior are no threat to masculinity.  They enhance, not emasculate.  All the same, they still frighten the dickens out of men – at least the ones unsure of themselves. History is full of Warrior Queens looked upon as hazardous to the status quo. And I have a great deal of respect for people who challenge the status quo.

Give me a couple of Wicked Witch Warrior Women and I can rest easy, knowing all will be done without fuss or nonsense.