Things around the house seem hell-bent on committing suicide, or at least falling apart. The list of things wanting attention grows faster than we can repair them.  The car starter gets replaced then the showerhead starts acting strangely.  I often wonder how others manage to have free time and leisure when my days are consumed tidying up and/or fixing things. The backyard wants desperate tending. The plants withered as one. The pool is a magnet for debris.  It never ends.

Animals have joined the mechanicals of things going to pot. Kamikaze quails frequently try to throw themselves under our tires.  We apply the brakes but they don’t seem to give a damn.  Recently Someone found a dead rabbit in the pool, the result of bunny melancholia we presumed. Only the pigeons seem impervious to dying and I dare say there are more of them.

I plan on making a list of all that needs doing and save it for Memorial Day weekend.  While others are attending IML or Bear weekend Urs Truly will running around with a glue gun.  Spo-fans with nothing to do that weekend are invited to come over for light slavery and dipping in the pool. No swimming trunks required, but do bring a dustpan and broom.