Laurent, the dear fellow, proposed we hire him as a butler to free us from daily drudgery in order for us to lounge guilt-free around the pool.  This modest proposal is truly most excellent.  He would make a fine butler for he has style, flair , and he likes to please – what more do you need in a butler?

I think it is a lovely notion: hire as many Spo-fans as possible for servitude and light slavery.

Bartender Kelly S. is in charge of making us our cocktails and keeping the liquor cabinet well-stocked.  A Playboy bunny suit may be required, consisting of a jock strap and rabbit ears. I know he has both.

Stan S. of Simple Kitchen Seasons is Chief Cook and Bottle washer, of course.

Frogdancer is is charge of my vegetable gardens. We don’t have chickens, but there are plenty of quails to keep her busy.

David P is groundskeeper.

Sean would be our Miss Julie, organizing all our parties and soirees.

Greg is librarian and tends to my books.

Wayne is house pastor.

No house staff is complete until there is a woman in charge. Anne Marie will do nicely.

Finally – a gentleman needs a few man-servants to draw my bath and lay out my clothes and attend to whatever I require. I choose Jim, Larry, and Eric for my henchmen.  House uniforms will consist of kilts and Spo-shirts.  I just hope their teeth are strong.

Spo-fans with talent or ambition are most welcome to send me their resumes. I am sure I can find an opening for everyone.