It’s Saturday night.  I can look back on the day with a satisfaction I accomplished a great deal of my ‘There’s Work to be done!” list o’chores. Over our Einstein bagel breakfast I generated twenty things I want to do this weekend. Most of the day was spent dictating charts, writing progress notes, and doing CME (continuing medical education) credits.  I also updated my ipod and read my blogs. I got 8 or 20 tasks completed.  There would have been 9 but Someone fell asleep.


I purchased some tea;  all there was at home was some old Japanese Sencha and some oolong rubbish.  I’ve never had tea from Vietnam.  I texted Tai (the dear!) who educated me on the tea growing regions in his country.

Tomorrow is for outdoors chores.  I have several plants in need of repotting and I don’t know what I am going to do with the pencil plant. It is near dead. I suppose I could nurture it back to health but I would rather get a palm tree. If it isn’t too hot and the dust not too allergenic I want to rummage around in the garage. Whenever the garage door opens it reveals the rather deplorable scene of a shelf of garden things in disarray.  Peering into the open garages of one’s neighbors is a common past time here in the Valley of the Sun, and I am tired of looking like a slob.  Contrary to what you have heard, Eartha Kitt is not a collection of garden tools.

Oh !  I finished a shirt!  It is significant that is it a brown shirt (first one in that colour) and it makes #50.  I own 50 aloha style shirts or which 35 are Spo-shirts.   Groovy.