This is one of those “What I did on my vacation” entries. I am always a bit dubious to write this sort of entry for I remember as a boy having to sit through tedious reports read out loud by classmates in grade school. I could not care less what they have done last summer. Even then I was a bit of a Cynic; I figured most of them were embellishing if not down right lying through their teeth. I recall a girl named Susan who would blink her eyes whenever she lied, and not just a fib, but a whopper. Spo-fans may want to drop down the the philosophical summary paragraph.


I am waiting for my return flight from San Diego where I had a splendid time powwowing with my fellow wizards. It was a good conference. I learned a lot of new things. As is the wont, we stayed at a very swanky hotel resort. It would have been 5-star but they charged 15$ for internet service!?  This burns my bacon. They do this because they know people will buy it. But I was stubborn and would not do so. Hence the hiatus since my last entry!

On Friday night I had a delightful dinner with Shawn D. and his partner/spouse Ken. They took me to the Hillcrest area. After lectures on Saturday, I had a work out consultation with TPT (The Personal Trainer), whom I haven’t seen in ages. He corrected my poor form and not-so-proper workout techniques. I treated Mr. and Mrs.TPT to supper.


Spo-fans may recall I was in hog heaven Saturday night, for I went to The Aero Bar, which has 600 whiskies. I spent all last week whittling my Sophie’s Choice list down to 4-5 sample shots. It was a disappointment: I imagined suave gentlemen and knowledgable staff, in a tranquil setting. It was a neighborhood bar, crowded with 20-30 year olds. So it was basically a rowdy bar that happened to have 600 whiskies. The two whiskies I had:
Amrut (from India)

Glenfidditch 18 years old        asm-fusion

Both lovely.  Where were YOU when this scotch was made, 1995?

On Sunday after the conclusion of the conference I met up with my friend and colleague James (#3 on the “James list”) at his friend’s house (another doctor).

There is always a bit of a letdown whenever I return home from a holiday. I get a mild melancholia over what is to happen which feels mundane and without worth.  I recognize this emotion as transitory: I will feel good once I get home.

After all, there is no place like it.

I heard that once in a lullaby.