I see the number of visitors and comments have somewhat dissipated in the past few weeks and I am under pressure from The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections to boost traffic ‘or else’. They are cryptic but draconian in their threats of “what will happen” if I don’t produce something eloquent and profound. They mention a booklet titled “House of correction for insipid bloggers”. I am told it is profusely illustrated and I won’t find a dull page in it.

Experience tells me what most attracts readers more than exquisite prose is some sort of outrage. Something scandalous, like a salacious header or a revealing picture of Urs Truly would work wonders, but alas! TBDHS would have heart failure.

The Muses, Fates, Norns, Furies- even The Skanks – have all scrammed town to avoid the Phoenix summer heat, so they are no good. Sometimes I ask Someone for something inspirational but he’s no help either. He recently purchased HBO and is watching “Dexter” allergo non troppo; he hasn’t been seen in days.

“Veteran” Spo-fans may recall the image of yellow gumdrops keeps flitting around my frontal lobes. I should try doing something with it viz. write a short story or at least a series of blog entries. “The Yellow Gumdrop Papers” by “Spo” Isn’t that how Dickens AKA “Boz” got started?

I am not sure how my free association went from the fantasy of dropping my pants on line to imitating Charles Dickens, but there it is. I can’t blame the whisky, for I haven’t had my evening ‘snort’ yet.

I think I will go a sweet shoppe tomorrow and purchase a parcel of yellow gumdrops and see what gets conjured up. Spo-fans with bright ideas are welcome to leave comment.  The one with the best proposal gets a bag of non-xanthic gumdrops or an autographed photo of my backside.

There! That will generate talk or I’m a Dutchmen.