Someone came home safe and sound; life is back to its usual mode. Friday night I went to the grocery store to buy some ‘shock’ for the pool, but came home with a bag of (nasty) chips, a box of Valveeta (Lord helps us!) and a tin of jalapeños.  I fell asleep like a beached whale high on nachos and woke with a chip in hand. This is what happens when I am left home alone unsupervised.

I was almost as blithe to see the return of the laptop as Someone. I can start getting caught up on my blog reading. In my week’s hiatus my blogger buddies probably all went to pot or had theophanies. I bet I can predict who will fall into which camp (and my blogger buddies can be very camp, indeed!).


Our annual trek to Canada is coming up at week’s end. I finished this shirt just in time for the trip. I am very pleased with it, for the devil is in the details when it comes to  stripes. I like colours bold and bright, like my men. Suffer, Tommy Hilfiger!

When packing for Ontario, I must remember to leave some space in the luggage. We are going to the ‘wine country’. I want to bring back a few bottles of baco noir, which is a varietal particular to the area. And I won’t say no to a good bottle of Canadian whiskey (no rubbish).

I am excited to meet two bloggers “Buddy Bear” and Laurent. We will meet the former in Toronto and the latter in Stratford. Meeting people you paradoxically know very well but have never actually met  always raises the (Midwest) neurosis I will be a disappointment to both.  “Paying attention to the man behind the curtain” can do that.

Someone brought home DougT of Gossamer Tapestry and his partner AKA The Wild One. They need to be fed and entertained today, but first – put the kettle on and brew some Irish Breakfast.

Postscript :

JimA suggests we do “Selfie Sunday” when we post a photo of ourselves.  

Jolly good fun!

After all, isn’t this what blogging is all about? 🙂

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