Curious: Nowadays it seems the only time I have for composition is when we are whizzing down a highway*.  I suppose one reason for this is I have little else to do (it is two hours to Toronto, traffic permitting).  The other reason is Someone has the laptop most of the time hohoho. Please visit his blog: he’s been writing theatre reviews of the plays we are seeing.

We are indulging in indolent dissipations. We’ve had two lovely days at Niagra-on-the-lake. NOTL has more wineries than you can shake a stick at (if that’s your idea of a good time). Between shows we drove around, going from winery to winery, an adult trick-or-treat. I have an appetence for Baco Noir; we’ve bought a few bottles.

We are in the fruits and vegetable region of Ontario, and I am in pursuit of a homegrown tomato. It is ‘peach season’ and there is no lack thereof, but no toms, alas. Perhaps I am too early. We’ve not yet had any sugar-fried cakes of death AKA Tim Horton Tim-bits. But not to be worrying! They are on the upcoming menu. On the other hand, eau d’source flows like water.

By the time I post this, we will have arrived in Toronto and had luncheon with “Buddy Bear”, who just landed into T-town himself. We will see the sights and have what Shakespeare calls “a gossip’s feast”. Tune in later for Kiss-and-tell.