Spo-fans are curious creatures whom I suspect want to know all about our meeting ‘Buddy Bear”.  He and I made a pal-ship pact we shan’t disclose details, lest there is talk or scandal. I will say we had a delightful time walking around Toronto with BB as Tour-master. My pedometer registered 7.5 miles. We had good eats and a few drinks.

We had tea with fellow blogger (but new to me) Jeffrey, who is also a professional writer. I got his autograph and book.  When I get his OK, I would love to link him to Spo-Reflections; I think you all would like him and his works.

We took in some local culture by attending a small theatre group known for their interpretative dancing. A jolly good time was had by all. Thank you BB!!. And remember if you squeal on me I will squeal on you. Kiss Kiss.

I am pleased to report my beloved bookstore is NOT closed. What a relief. The owner was standing at the cash register just where I left him a year ago. I purchased a book of poems and a history of Dickens.** I am fancying purchasing the works of Mr. Lovecraft. Fellow blogger Eileen says I must must MUST read him in that way book lovers do when they are passionate about an author (or authoress) and feel everyone in the world must be converted. It’s quite a tome and not cheap. Mr. Lovecraft’s pictures are beyond creepy.

Video Snapshot-1

Today we meet with Laurent and his partner. For the occasion I got a haircut and will wear my best (Spo)shirt. I feel nervous, as if I have an audience with the Queen Mum. Details to follow !

**But these are for later. Currently I am reading Caesar’s commentaries on his campaigns in Gaul. Despite his rationalizations I think he is being rather beastly towards them.