I have a mosquito bite. It is on the inner surface of my left thigh and it itches like hell. I haven’t had one in ages. Back home there are many venomous insects and animals unpleasant, but not many mosquitoes.  I probably got it sitting outside last night by the campfire. Our hotel is aptly named The Forest Motel, for it is in a charming woodland, complete with a lake. It is lovely; the air is cool. I walk among oaks and maple trees. But there are mosquitos.

Sitting by the lake watching the swans and reading a book is a lovely notion but for the necessary hypervigilence for buzzing bugs. It is hard to be pensive and introspective under these conditions.  How Mr. Emerson fared I can’t imagine.

I am also trying to do crozzword puzzles. Apparently the answer for worms is “annelid”.  So creepy crawlies seem to be the theme of the day here.

When I get home (or am whizzing down the highway) I shall write a ‘proper’ post and “tell all” about our lovely time in Canada.  But I must dash – it’s breakfast time.  As Violetta says ‘We live for pleasure!”  Question is:  did she ever get bug bites as well as TB?