I am reading “The War Commentaries” by Julius Caesar. Not only am I learning how to properly decimate pesky Germanic tribes I’ve picked up a few new words: deputation, vanguard, osia, and oakum.  For a military man he writes excellent English. I am certain Mr. Caesar is 100% objective when he explains the reasons for all he does. Given all his slaughters I wonder when he found the time to write such a lengthy biography.

Someone and I will return to Puerto Vallarta next February; this gives me five month to retry learning Spanish. This will be my third attempt at Espanol.  Alas, my hummingbird mind refuses to retain anything other than a few amusing albeit useless expressions.*  I daresay my Germanic genes refuse to wrap my tongue around a Romance language.  What is the Spanish word for snob?

I am continually on the look out for new words to expand my lexicon and bore others silly at parties. English is a treasure trove of words having incorporated (stolen) tens of thousands from multiple languages.  Adjectives and fancy nouns (to substitute the common ones) are my favorites.  Currently I enjoy learning words for complaining** and dominance***. They should come in handy in PV – or at the next blogger soiree.

Then there is ASL. At one point I was fairly competent in waving my hands around in proper ASL fashion (rather than “Signed English”).  Alas, my ASL receptive skills are quite rusty.

So wish me buena serta.


*My favorite: “Aviso! Vacas!”

** Remonstrate, vociferous, pugnacious, swivet, and implacable.

***Subjugate, apodictic, and suzerain.