I am rawther tired of the Arizona heat. Despite approaching the autumnal equinox temperatures refuse to budge from the 85-105 range. Yesterday I finished a whimsical autumnal shirt. These are the only fall colours I will be seeing. At least I don’t have to rake the leaves.


Does anyone know of any good Mexican soap operas?  I consulted The Boss (who is Cuban) on what is the best way to learn Spanish and he suggested I watch Mexican TV, particularly the soaps. It can’t be any worse than trying to learn Spanish from listening to Mexican radio. The announcers sound as if they are going 200mph. If my Nordic/Germanic tongue is going to wrap itself around a Romance language, I’d prefer to learn French, in anticipation of retiring to Canada someday*, but if I’m going to PV next February, I will focus on Spanish. I still adhere to the belief it is good manners to at least try to learn the local lingo.

I actually won a game of Scrabble; please alert the media. I’ve never been good at it. I suspect my long time Scrabble mate deliberately played poorly to let me win so I wouldn’t go away.

And finally there are the whiskies. Another onus of Arizona Living is it’s hell on wine and liquor collections.  I have a lovely sundry of scotch, bourbons, and boutique whiskies. I fear they are all losing their ‘ummph’ thanks to the combination of heat and oxidization.  I suppose I could ‘drink up’ or collect less. My guru “Ralfy” suggests I transfer them to smaller bottles for less oxygen exposure, but that sounds an awful lot of fuss. If any Spo-fans wish to drop by for a Glenfiddich food-push you are more than welcome.