I am coming to the conclusion we should pull the plug on the internet. Any chance of it dispersing wisdom and information  has been innudated by gossip, hysteria, and lies. Patients bring in all sorts of rubbish and snuffbumble which they read online and assure me it must be true because it was on the internet.  One patient recently complained she was denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. She pointed out this isn’t fair.  I agreed. I tried to comfort her ACA is trying to remedy this. She commented ‘Oh, it will be worse then”.  How could it possibly be worse than what she said?  She read in some on-line chatroom or bulletin board Obama will force her to take medications she doesn’t want including birth control pills (she is in her 50s).

d0ec2f2545c5ce2e3d39f7bcba5150c8I admit I go on line a lot, not to find things to support my convictions, but to watch history documentaries.  Thanks to Youtube, I am up to my ears in lectures on science and history. I hope these are impolitic. As I write this,  good Mr. Neil Oliver is narrating  The History of Scotland from the BBC *.

I try to limit my viewing, as being sucked up to long into the wild west we call  WWWonderland isn’t healthy, whether I watch FoxNews or the BBC.

Because I nod off quickly, I have a lot of uncompleted videos. I am making little progress and The History of Scotland is no exception.  I fall asleep in the 14th century and wake up the next morning somewhere in the 19th.   I sense there was a lot in the interim.  Does anyone know whatever happened to James II ?




* Edward I is being rather beastly.