There isn’t anything worthwhile to write. When I fumble through my frontal lobe filing cabinets all I come up with is a catalog of complaints. Work’s a bitch. The government shutdown is making me angry. I have no time to do much of anything I want to do. I made a vow at the beginning of the month to ‘get serious’ about sensible dieting, only to ruin it last night by going bezerk with an impromptu trip to Alberton’s at 11pm for an orgy of chips, salsa, pretzels and cheese dip. Oh the horror. I am very cross with myself for such a lack of willpower. This morning my trousers were too tight, which brought me close to tears.
Normally my fall depression dissipates by now. Alas, it shows no signs of letting up.
What gets my goat most is the lack of time to do anything other than get through the day doing the basic functions. I work, I get in some exercise, and I do more work until I go to sleep. If I am lucky there is an hour or so ‘for me’ when I could do something “worthwhile” but I tend to sit and watch videos on Youtube. These are usually educational (history, chemistry or science courses) so I don’t feel like a complete coach potato.
While I would appreciate an inspirational email from The Muses to get me out of this slump, I would be blithe to get a care package from Chronos. Imagine! A box of time (Whitman sampler style) to catch up on sleep, reading, blogging, and a dozen other desire currently on hold !