I spend a fair amount of time staring off into space. The vacuous expression which goes along with this awesome activity is constant.  In contrast, what is going on in the recesses of my pumpkin – what is happening below the surface –  varies a great degree.  And what is going on can be at either extreme.

Come into the inner compartment of my mind and see……

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The State of ADD

Beneath this placid demeanor the hummingbirds of my mind are flitting around fast and furious. Racing thoughts combine with vascillating topics to create quite a kaleidoscope. This is jolly good fun, but please don’t do this when someone (or Someone) is talking to you, lest you are called out and you have to confess your mind was orbiting the moons of Jupiter.

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The State of Zen

This is at the opposite end of my universe; the second Foundation at Star’s End. I am focused on on topic or a nondescript object: I am at peace and centred. This is the gold to the fool’s gold of State #1.  It takes some effort and practice to obtain and stay in State #2.

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The State of Memory

Sometimes I withdraw into the inner-bubble of my mind to recollect and reflect on my memories.  If I were to wear a sign around my neck it would say “In the Attic: back in five minutes”.  I may be problem solving or meditating on a thought.  If you were to ask, I would quickly respond to you, unlike in States 1 and 2, for which you need to shout or slap me silly to bring me back from the Land of the Lost.

finally ….

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The State of Boketto

“Boketto” is a Japanese word which doesn’t have an English equivalent, which is too bad as it is lovely. I translate Boketto as the state of staring off into space without thought.  While States 1,2, 3 have thought (messy or organized) Boketto is that lack of thought; a void, in which I am thinking of nothing. It is neutral staring with the mind a blank. Imagine: sitting across from me in a train as I stare out the window at the landscape whizzing by.  “What you are thinking?” you ask. I would blink and (realizing you are speaking to me) say “Oh, nothing”.  If this answer is doubted you would probably say “Oh, you must have been thinking of something!” to which I would reply, “No, I was in Boketto”.

Since my mind is usually going (and going)  I find The State of Boketto preferable to the State of Zen.  In the latter I am centred; in the former I am mercifully free of the ravages of thought and intelligence.     Lovely indeed !