I slept in to 730AM today, which is the most of I have ever done in ages. The Midwest Protestant in me immediately remonstrated me for such reprobate living.  I tried to atone for my sins by doing some aperwork. But I soon got “A” vs. “B” mixed up and had to abort dictations. Phooey.  I went to the gym and had a splendid workout.

I started to work on a Christmas shirt:


It is a marvelous feeling to realize I don’t have to get up tomorrow and do anything.  It is a rare treat indeed, having ‘no plans’ to upset my sleep or require a 530AM alarm. I can sleep until 9AM if I fancy; I will let my body determine this.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done, I can turn to Someone’s birthday (15 December) and Christmas time.  I need to get cracking on the gettings prizes for the nieces and nephews.

It’s Friday night, although it feels like Saturday night or perhaps Sunday – given the disruption in my usual workweek I have a sense of timeless discombobulation. I wonder if this is what retirement is like: a sense of all days being blurred without a sense of order. I should retire for there is nothing which requires my staying up. I can go to sleep without guilt or needs to wake.   A marvelous rare situation.  I don’t want to miss this.

Good night.