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I want to thank everybody for there input and thoughts in yesterday’s blog. I enjoy reading the process that goes on in the comments. When something like this happens, it feels I have made a salon of sorts. I am honored so.


It also makes it hard to follow, to wit, what the heck to I write next? From my ghost bag of possible ideas I pulled up “the telephone”, so here it goes….



I grow more annoyed with my iphone as it proliferates the number of noises it produces. The timer barks like a dog; the text messages announce themselves with a Viking horn as if the person texting is going into one of history’s more bloody battles.  Scruff messages sound like a tin can falling down the stairs.  Somehow I managed to program it so an actual phone call plays ‘The Life Song” by Mason Williams, which reminds me to calm down before answering.


The land line makes only one sound, an electronic chirp. With this phone what comes through the receiver is the annoying sound.  Few people call the landline anymore and these are usually telemarketers or fundraisers. Phone calls from the former all start with a silence which is maddening as I ask repeatedly hello if anyone is there. Dirty phone calls nowadays are rare and unpleasant but at least I have an idea about the caller’s motives. Actually I am ambivalent about the phone.  It does save me from writing out an email. But I continually dread when I answer the chirping thing I shall find myself talking to somebody who wants my money.


I am just old enough to remember crossed lines. They are gone and on the whole I miss them. I know its wrong to eavesdrop but I used to gain insights into human nature as well as human stupidity.


Someone and I are thinking of doing in the landline. I am all for doing in with all forms of phones and returning to dixie cups with string.  At least with these you knew what you had and there was blessed silence.


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