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Jim (the handsome!) has on his blog from time to time random thoughts and meme-bits. I rather liked it; I promised to reply to it. However I thought I would transform it into paragraph form with some (spo) reflections.

Renaissance Fair attendance: I have never attended one. This is a pity and a surprise for I really love the notion, particularly the concept of dressing up. True, there would be a part of me wanting to ‘correct all the in consistencies” I witness, but the opportunity to dress up can not be denied. I need some sort of fairy godmother (or queen) to arrange for me to have a fabulous outfit (with hat) and arrive and be Cinderella – pagan style.

He asks if I have every quit a job without another one lined up. No I have not.  However, I consider this one of the bravest moves a person can do – from a Jungian point of view. This liberates the Self from the Ego and nasty Archetypes to pursue its Journey.  Many times I have seen the Self, tired of the Ego not listening to its guidance, destroy the status quo to force a person onto their Journey.

He then asks what is the bravest thing I have done in my life. “Bravery” to me is defined by doing something despite the fear.  In junior high school two bullies destroyed my art project. Rather than sit quietly back I got up and went to the teacher to show this. I knew I would ‘pay for this’ but I wasn’t going to sit in the back and allow this. I kept my composure enough to see this registered with the teacher, then I fled, and cried copiously in the back of the library.  At the time I felt no bravery, but a wretch.  I realize now how brave I was. I don’t think I have done anything as courageous since.

Working naked around coworkers – all things! – was the next question. Guess what; the answer is “yes”.   In medical school we would use each other for physical examinations, which is a ‘yes’ but not in the way Jim implies or imagines.  And no, it was not titillating or stimulating.  It was rather awkward and uncomfortable at first, but one learns quickly not to be emotional during physical exams.

A ‘claim to fame”?  I haven’t done anything towards which I can claim fame. I doubt I ever will. All my accomplishments that come close are saving some lives (or at least improving them).  These endeavors are only known by the patient and the ripple effect in their lives.

Finally Jim asks if I were to wear a warning label what would it say?    My header says it best!

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