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Walking the dog

Walking the dog is more challenging at this time of the year. When I rise at 530 for my morning ablutions it is dark with no sign of a pending sunrise.  It might as well be 3AM. And the temperatures are no prettier.  We are in a ‘cold spell’ and the walks occur in near freezing temperatures. The neighborhood bushes are shrouded in bedsheets and the cacti have white styrofoam coffee cups over their tips, lest there is frost.

I donned my heavy winter coat today for the first time. To my surprise there was a bulge in the left pocket. Lo! It was a rubber duck!  Apparently I purchased it last year either for Someone’s birthday or as a stocking stuffer. I gave it to him this morning; he was pleased with the prize, enough to join us on today’s romp around the neighborhood.

Harper he has ‘learned’ if she jumps on the bed and places her paws on my chest this is her ‘sign’ for me to get up and put out. She loves her walks.  And she never feels the cold.

Dog walks fall into two categories:  #1 is the “Let’s stop and smell all the bushes” and #2 is going hell-bent on going as fast as possible. The staccato stance of #1 gets in the way of burning calories and causing some tug-o-wars. In #2 I can  never ascertain wither are we flying but Harper is dog-determined to get pronto. She seems to enjoy both.  The cold winter walks don’t seem to alter the random ratio of #1/#2.  I like #1 now as it keeps me warmer.

Today we ‘walked’ to the photographer, who took our photos. Harper was first bewildered then scared of the flash of the photos.  She was a good sport. Tonight after the ballet we will go for a late night winter walk with Orion and Sirius above us, in parallel.


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