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It is nearly Christmas and I can’t feel anything. Every year there seems to be less holiday ‘spirit’. It’s like trying to squeeze a few more drops out of a depleted orange. I suppose this is because there aren’t anymore Christmas cues. I live where there is no snow. I don’t watch TV, so I don’t see the specials or holiday commercials. I’ve avoided stores (doing my shopping on line).

Our household is bereft of Christmas decorations: we still have autumn leaves in the chandelier and pumpkins on the shelves.  At work the usual cheesy Christmas music which normally blares in the hallways isn’t happening.**

Frankly I’m too tired and overworked to remedy this. My workdays are long and my evenings full up with exercise and homework. I’ve no time to haul out the holly and put up the tree. Trying to watch our waistlines, we won’t make any cookies this year, or eat extravagantly. I received no Christmas party invites – does anyone still throw Christmas parties?  Even the office party was canceled  as everyone is too busy.

It’s too bad, for Christmas used to be a lovely time, full of colour,music, and anticipation of things to come.  I miss doing things at Christmas time.

Perhaps being too busy is the problem. There’s no time to do anything ‘fun’ anymore; it is exhausting enough to solidify the travel plans and order the prizes.

My one consolation is in the music. My iPhone has a Christmas playlist which generates random Christmas tunes, some of them are from my youth. At night, ensconced in a chair, too tired to go to bed, I can light a candle and play a few carols, and try to remember the glory of Christmas’ long time ago.

It isn’t much but it’s something.

** For some strange reason this year we have country music.

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