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I promised a dear and handsome Spo-fan I would blog about our christmas tree ornaments. The problem is they are not all up yet. I’ve had little time to do much of anything other than work. Last Friday the cable at work ceased to function; we had no telephone service and no internet access to the electronic medical records. Can you imagine? It all came back up today, which was good. However, there was a sudden birage of telephone calls, faxes, electronic prescriptions. On top of it all I need to translate 30 progress notes into the system. No fun, this.

Usually Someone erects the Christmas tree and trimmings while I am a-working but the poor man has contracted flu. We are both exhausted. Tonight we started to decorate the tree but we had to stop. I needed to do my some charting and Someone couldn’t hold up from sickness.

At the rate we are going it will be this weekend before things are up and looking like Christmas.


Here is our Christmas tree skirt. I made years ago and I don’t remember when. I am rather proud of it, for I had never made something like this before. It turned out well.  Harper is my super model in showing it off.

Tomorrow’s forecast says it will be sunny and in the upper 70s tomorrow, so we can open up the windows and blow out the miasma of flu-filled air. Tomorrow night we have tickets to see the luminaries at the botanical gardens. This is under the proviso I am not swamped with work and Someone can breathe.

It’s late and we both need sleep, even if it is artificially induced by antihistamines.

Someone likes Nyquil; I like hot toddies. I don’t suppose either makes any difference, but it feels good to do something.

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