Another Spo-fan request: show us your ornaments!   I can’t deny this Spo-fan anything; what he asks I do….

Our christmas ornaments are a sundry of lovelies, precious and kitsch, plastic, wood, and glass; a hodgepodge of different types accumulated over the years.  There is nothing ‘thematic’ about our ornaments .I try to get a new trinket whenever we travel.  It is a work in progress without any long term vision.


If you live in Michigan then it is obligatory to have a Bronner’s bulb with your name on it. 


I have several Pacific Northwest ornaments, made of cedar wood.


My christmas teapot. 


There several bears of various sizes and shapes. 

I have the entire Rudolf series; Yukon C. is my favorite (go figure)


Somebody didn’t do their research. Only male cardinals are red. This made in Korea ornament has two male birds making a nest together.  Naturally it was a must-have-or-perish item. 


Out of whimsy several years ago I got the Teletubbies. I think they are sort of stupid now, but every year they go up on the tree nevertheless


I have several glass ornaments in the shape of aloha-style shirts. Lovely!


Harper has a few of her own. 


When all the ornaments are up, we hang the icicles and wrap the tree in ribbons.



Ta da!