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We have a living room, which consists of the best furniture.  The sofa, chairs and lamps are ‘like new’, for we never use them; we never really use this room. There is nothing utilitarian about the area; one merely ‘sits’ there – and Spo-fans know I don’t sit very well or often.

I am sitting in the living room corner now. From this position in front of me stands the lit Christmas tree and reindeer candelabra.  Traditionally I only light the latter on Christmas Eve and Day. Although it is only The Winter Solstice, I’ve decided to light it now – and sit and look at the glow of the christmas spectacle before me.

I remember a couple of wine collectors who eventually married. As they packed their car for their out of town wedding, he observed his fiancé putting in a crate of wine containing some of their best bottles. He said, out of habit “Hey, I thought we were going to save those for a special occasion!” She turned back until nonsense of it dawned on them. They laughed and put the bottles (and then some) back into the wedding car.

I am guilty at times doing the same thing. Delaying gratification and ‘saving it for a special occasion” are things I have done all my life. Of course these special enough occasions never arrive, or when they do I decide they are not good enough and I put the best things away again. I sometimes wonder if I will arrive at the end my life with all the best things untouched and intact.

Which is why I am lighting my Christmas candelabra now and throughout the holidays. One of my new year’s resolutions will be to ‘always use the good silverware’ as it were. The best bottles of wine will be consumed – and shared – for what better ‘special occasion’ is there than a mundane gathering of usual friends and family? The furniture and possessions will become worn down and dog-eared but they won’t have sat on a shelf, gathering dust until death.

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