After I close shop today, Someone is picking me up and taking me to the airport to catch the 130PM flight to Michigan (Land of perpetual snow and ice).  I go from sunny/high of 70 to gray/high of 20. Ouch.

Alas, Someone is not coming along with me.  His flu is quite active and he is too invalided to get on an airplane. As Dickens wrote “He’s breathing very queer, when he’s breathing at all”. It is a prudent but disappointing decision.  I will miss him. We will have our own little compensatory Christmas this Saturday, when he is hopefully better. At least Harper won’t have to spend Christmas now in a kennel, as originally planned.


All the same I am looking forward to seeing my family. I have not been ‘Home for Christmas’ in many years. We will go to my parent’s church’s candlelight Christmas Eve service. Mother is providing all sorts of traditional Spo-foods such as gingerbread cookies and petit-feurs served with Constant Comment tea. Father promises me a real fireplace fire – oh the joy! I am looking forward to having a very good snort of scotch (provided by Brother #3) while sitting by the Christmas tree with the mentioned fire blazing nearby.

On Christmas day we will gather for the ritual of opening prizes and bouncing off each other. I have the pleasure of seeing Christmas through the eyes of two squealing 4yo girls. (Brother #3 better have a big bottle).  I fly home Thursday.


I don’t know if I will have any time to blog in all this hohohoing so I will bid you all a Happy Christmas now, just in case. If I can, I will post so drop by on Wednesday.
As I sit fireside I will be thinking of you, sending out prayers and karma to Spo-fans and blogger buddies far and wide, for a happy holiday.   OOXX