I haven’t had time to write a blog entry* what with traveling to MI and Christmas. I am working today; it’s been quiet for there have been a lot of ‘no-shows’. This bothers the bosses but these give me time to write and think about things in general.

Every year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I go to a bookstore to purchase a blank journal for the new year. Despite active blogging I still keep paper journals. They have become more of a ‘ship’s log’ rather than a receptacle for reflections. In them I record event and daily doings.  At years’ end  I read it and  recall the year’s events.  I thought I would share some its lessons.

2013 was a stellar year for traveling. We went to the usual places and a few new ones: Mexico and Delaware (for the blogger jamboree).  I attended a few medical conferences where I powwowed with my fellow wizards and I saw some friends as well (San Diego and Pennsylvania).  Many of these wanderings were sans Someone, who was either indisposed, sick or didn’t care to go.  I hope he will be more likely to travel in 2014.

Nearly every entry about attending the ballet, symphony, or play has ‘But I fell asleep’ attached to it. Falling asleep in live (and expensive) events is most vexacious and I hope to stop such nonsense. This means no eating and cocktails before shows.

Alas, I managed to keep only a few of my many 2013 resolutions; the  recalcitrant ones will be continued into the new year and some new ones will be added. I am continually trying to improve myself; there is no lack of matters to improve

I made ten shirts.

I met many blogger buddies; that was one of the highlights of 2013 !

It was a good year, indeed.

*Worse, I haven’t had time to read any blogs. I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend.