I am usually late to the party when it comes to Sean’s MEMEs. He writes some lovelies. Alas, by the time I get to them it seems everyone has done them. It is like getting late to the buffet to find all the shrimp were taken. However, I will do this one, regardless.  I liked its call to contemplation.  It asks about 2014.


Entertainment –  In 2014 I would like to stay awake in live shows. You name it, I fall asleep in it!  When it happens it feels both a deprivation and a waste of money.


Politically – I would like the politicians either to implode form their intransigent ways or start cooperating and get things done.


Globally – Alas, I don’t expect much. A year without lurid headlines of shootings would be good, but like politics I don’t have much hope.


Personally – I want to more adherent to stretching and exercise. It is time to get more serious with me health goals.


Friends – See as many as possible!  What this means: it is too easy for me to cocoon and stay home lost in myself than to call chums and arrange a date. In 2014 I hope to see myself more assertive at invitations.


Family – Things are well here; may it continue.


Your suggestion – Strive to be the change I want to see in others; lead by example.


Sexually – Oh, I am all for it! And yes I said yes I will Yes