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I have narrowed down my 2014 New Year resolutions to about a dozen. If I were to measure myself with Mary Poppin’s tape I would NOT be ‘Practically perfect in every way’, alas. There are so many ways in which I want to improve myself.

My resolutions fall into three categories –

1 – Nasty habits which need breaking

Example: using my iphone while Someone is talking to me.

2 – Fun things to do which won’t be done unless I make a conscious effort to do them. 

Example: making a new soup every month.


3-  Health goals

Example: regular stretching.

Alas, many of 2014’s resolutions are carried over from 2013, things I didn’t achieve. The failures were somewhat due to my lack of being on top of them. This time I will makes copies and stick them in auspicious places to remind me what I am striving to achieve.

Every year I ask Someone what he thinks I should improve or what he would like to see me do.  He always balks as this request and he won’t give me any guidance. I don’t see why not; since he lives with me 24/7 it’s certain there are plenty of irksome and deficit behaviors he witnesses which want improving. In contrast he never asks me for my input on how he could improve himself. He doesn’t make new years resolutions.

Maybe I should list them as a blog page. Certainly I see my blog everyday. Perhaps if I posted them like Luther’s 95 Spo-fans will keep me on my toes and/or nag me into virtue.

So far ……

1 – “Be the change you want in the world” as the motto of 2014. Live it.

2 – Diminish Tics <  shoulder shrugs   eyes Squinting    scalp scratching

3-  Quit itching your nose in public

4 – is left intentionally blank lest my family be reading this.

5 – Slow Down when eating.

6 – Make better eye contact with patients.  (it’s easy to just look at the computer screen and think as they talk)

7 – Lose some abdominal fat 

8 – Every month < make one new shirt and read one book

 9 – Every day < eat some oatmeal and do some yoga/stretches  

10- achieve three ‘bucket list’ items. 

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