Last night while falling asleep I had one of those theophanies in which I thought I had the answer to life, the universe, and everything** and now I’ve forgotten what it was. Worse, I can’t imagine what it was could have been.  All I can recall is it dealt with something at the opposite end of one of our current paradigms. I suppose I should just wait; in every generation we are told what we hold true is now rubbish and everything we know is wrong. It’s maddening but predictable.

One example of this pendulum on truth is leisure. I’ve been extolling my patients to take vacations, stop moving, and sit still lest they have heart attacks. Now I am told sitting is the new smoking: if we don’t get moving and doing more we will become slugs and have those heart attacks anyway.

I asked Someone what he had thought I might have thought but being negligent in his telepathic skills he could not tell me. Rather, he played me several podcast episodes of “Grammar Girl”, in which I learned about gerunds vs. participles.  Fascinating indeed but poor consolation for missing the train on total enlightenment.

I wish I could remember why I started on all of this. Having an apotheosis snatched from me (again) makes me confused if not a bit truculent.  I may have to go get some gummi-bears as anodyne. At least they don’t change: they are just plain bad but oh so tasty and jolly good fun.