I felt sad this last weekend for I heard a friend died.  Marilyn had been in the decline from cancer for some time, so her death was not a surprise. I had hoped I could have seen her one more time when we travel to Canada this August. Alas, it was not to be.

Her passing makes me think once again on how people come together and the aftermath of such fateful encounters.  She was a staff member at the Shaw Festival in Niagra-on-the-Lake in Ontario. She called us each year to get us to renew our membership. As she called regularly and seemed genuinely interested in us beyond the perfunctory role to get our money –  we got to know her. Eventually she offered to meet us for a cup of tea at one of the intermissions next time were were in town.  This evolved into a ‘same time; next year’ date. We would attend the Shaw Festival and afterwards meet up to have dinner with her.

Like a lot of my friendships, ours was unique with its special niche. We did not communicate much in between our August get-togethers. We looked forward to seeing her as much as the shows.

I am grateful I have had the smarts to email her a few months ago to tell her how much I looked forward to seeing her this August. I added so long as I attend The Shaw Festival I will always think of her; she will not be forgotten.

And now she is gone. The Shaw Festival doesn’t know thanks to her extra kindness and consideration they got in me a regular patron and donor.  And I have an annual delightful August holiday.

It is another example how we should always be kind to one another for we don’t know how vast this ripple will go and effect the world.

I wanted to write this homage. Thank you Marilyn. When I am back in NOTL this summer I will have a glass of wine in your memory at our usual spot, where it is always August, and Love is always in the Present.

single yellow rose