Video Snapshot

We are staying at a B&B approximately one mile ‘north of the action’.  The villa is situated on the top of a very steep hill; it takes several stairways to get to it, starting at sea level, using steps of irregular heights and distances. I am glad I put in some ‘stairs’ a the gym prior to coming here; I am the least huffing and puffing member of our party when we ascend to Vahalla after an evening downtown.  The resort is men-only  and it is clothing optional at pool-sode. This is not the orgy you imagine. Despite the board stating all rooms are occupied I have yet to see another guest. Either they sleep in late/come home late or they do their “clothing optional” behind closed doors (more’s the pity).  It’s rather peaceful which is probably what is better for me although it is a mid disappointment.

Someone and Leon A.K.A The Wild One went amiss for 3-4 hours yesterday after they set out for a bus-trip to Wal-mart for groceries. We were quite worried and ready to send out the search dogs. It turns out they got on the wrong bus which took them literally to the end of the line. It took that long to realize their mistake and correct it. In the end they didn’t purchase much, just some (nasty) chips and a few crackers which we ate with relish.*

We don’t seem to be having the best of luck with public transport as this morning we missed our tour boat from another bungle.  The taxi driver took us to the wrong port; we had 5-10 minutes to get to the proper terminal which was miles away. It may have well been on the moon. Conjure up the scene from “Funny Girl” where Babs misses her boat: the tour centre sent us four out on a motorboat to intercept the catamaran before it got too far away. Someone was mortified getting this sort of attention but I thought it an excellent opportunity to play “Pirate”.  As we four boarded, I used my best Somali accent to announce we were taking over the ship and I am captain now.  Our friends (who were saddened we missed the boat) thought this funny; the crew merely gave us rum punches.  In the end I thought this a better deal than being captain.

Tonight we eat ‘German’ of all things. I remember going last year and having Mexican coffee for “Small Chocolate Cone”**  The coffee was prepared by 2-3 young waiters pouring liquids here and there and lighting things on fire. It was like Cirque du Soleil and I hope for a repeat performance. I will be up to 3AM but perhaps I can finally see the other B&B guests if they really exist.


*Actually with salmon pate; don’t be so literal.

*** Spo talk for ‘dessert”.