I woke up this morning to the delicious realization nothing needs to be done. I think this part of the definition of Happiness: a quiet contentment that arises when you are comfortable with who you are and where you are.  Plans were discussed at breakfast, but no conclusion arose other than people doing what they fancied and “making it up as you go along”.  Some of us are going on a hike; a few of us are going to experience designer swim suit shopping.

Apparently there is a fellow in town who designs swimsuits based upon your physique, choosing the proper pattern and fabric for what literally best suits you.  As I try to make my shirts in the same sartorial philosophy, I am quite excited to experience this. Also, I don’t have a proper swim suit. The one I have (and seldom use) is a large baggy thing which makes me look as if I am wearing badly cut cargo pants ersatz knee-length skirt. I want something which better shows off my much-worked-upon thighs and backside. Alas, my stomach ‘needs work”; I rather doubt The Wizard of Oz has anything in that bag for me.

So it is off to the dressmakers, as it were, for a tailoring experience and who knows, my own designer Spo-suit – with shirt and pumps to match.