The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is in a quandary. They sent me a congratulatory e-mail stating they are pleased as punch to see ‘the comments soar’ in yesterday’s entry.  Of course, TBDHSR had its customary Parthian shot.  They conveyed ‘concern’ and umbrage I was promoting ‘swinging”.  In my response e-mail I pointed out Spo-fans are on the whole a randy bunch and if TBDHSR really wanted to increase ratings they should give me permission to discuss my private life in lurid details, or (better yet) allow me to drop my pants in public.

I have yet received their response to this modest proposal; the suspense is killing me.

Alas, there is not much else to say. It’s been work, work, work, and sometimes late into the night. I haven’t had much time to do anything else. I’m over a week behind in reading blogs. I’ve neglected my stretching. Five half-finished books brought back from Mexico sit unexamined.

It is only Tuesday and it is as if I have worked a week.

One of the boss-men gave me a bag of grapefruit. Phoenix has a lot of orange and grapefruit trees which put out en masse at this time of year. It is the SW equivalent of “too many tomatoes” in late August. Sacks of citrus are thrust upon you from everyone.  Happily I love the things. A daily grapefruit is a lovely thing indeed, although they often make my lips break out. I look a pariah but I’m a happy man.

Someone and I don’t usually discuss politics but we’ve been processing whether or not the AZ governor will sign or veto the pernicious bill. Maybe it won’t pass. A few Republicans have come out against it, including Mitt Romney of all people. Republicans don’t bear any love for GLBT but they may be savvy enough to see the economic and political damage it could bring onto the state.  Last night Someone was watching Mr. Cooper interview a local politician on the nasty thing. I can say with certainty the interviewee sounded the most intensely stupid person I have heard in ages. I had to leave the room to get out of earshot for it was really too painful to hear.

Someone tells me this man wants to run for governor.  Arizona is too small to be East North Korea and too large to be an insane asylum.

On that sour note, I should bid you all good-night.  Someone (the dear!) bought me a bag of gummy-bears and I have a hot date for group sex making love with the little fellows.