I read on-line today is Mardi Gras. I completely forgot about this day, which shows you how unimportant it is to me. I am “not against Mardi Gras”. It’s just I never know what I am supposed to do on Fat Tuesday.  I grew up WASP,; there were no parades, gaudy costumes, or revelry.  I don’t relish the notion of gorging myself.  I tend to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, which don’t seem too different really.  Someone has a box of green, yellow, and purple beads. I suppose I could don a few strands and shock the patients. That’s about it for me. Such a reprobate.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Thanks to work I will miss church service. On this day I abstain from meat and eat sparingly, for old dignity sake.  This reminds me to think of some sort of Lenten penance. I know many poo-poo the notion of ‘giving up something for Lent”, but I find it a good discipline. The pang of missing a mawkish pleasure is a gentle tug to remind me of more spiritual matters.

As I have a dozen new year’s resolutions, it is hard to find something new to better myself. I am a sinking ship with no freight to throw overboard.

Someone, as usual, is no help. Whenever I ask for some ideas as to how to improve myself viz. what bad habit around the house I could work upon, he goes mum. I suspect he could name a dozen things I do that drives him bats, but darned if I can drag them out of him.


I don’t want to give up something too easy, like pickles (seldom) or smoking cigars (never). Perhaps I could give up Facebook, or Scruff, or Youtube.  That would hurt, ouch!  Giving up tea or whisky is beyond Lent and borders on self-inflicted martyrdom. I will think about it.