Walking the dog

The spring sun rises early enough to provide sufficient light and warmth for pleasant and comfortable dog walks. Harper has connected the dots; each morning she nudges me get us going after a long winter season of discontent. So it’s off we go (most mornings) at 530AM for our morning aubade to the donzerly light.*

I burn ~ 100 calories per dog walk. On a good week this is 2 walks/1 day x 7 days/week x 100 calories/walk = 1400 calories per week burned compared to last week when I merely slept in. I would burn more if we walked at a faster clip.  However, dog walks often have conflicting agendas. Peripatetic intermittent stops to sniff and urinate** are at odds with the do-let’s-keep-moving goal. As the sun rises earlier and the temperature rises, I hope to get in longer walks and achieve greater velocities.

Harper loves dog-walks. Someone and I can no longer say the word ‘walk’ in our conversations as Mistress Four-foot hears this even when across the house or deep in slumber. The ‘W” word evokes instantaneous alertness and excitement at pleasures anticipated – and such as disappointment if we don’t put out! ***

Harper is a leash-tugger; she is quite excited to get going as fast as possible, pulling me down the street, only to come to a screeching halt to sniff a bush or twig, instantly obstinate to my gentle leash-pulls to get her brown butt going. At that rate I am not going to be burning many calories.

Harper seems to have her favorite routes, which all lead to the local park. The park is shaped like a flat tire and surrounded by sidewalk. If the coast is clear, I let her off the leash so she can run amok while I walk (at a faster pace) around the circumference. In the donzerly light, I often see the sun rise; in the evening the skies are usually clear to inspect the constellations. Last night Leo was at its zenith; it is indeed spring.
I hope by summer we are both slimmer and in better shape.

*  “Donzerly light” a synonym for pre-dawn sunshine. I first heard the expression singing the National Anthem in first grade. “Oh say can you see by the donzerly light…..”

** Harper , not Urs Truly.

*** I too just hate it when people don’t put out.