It’s Sunday morning and I am not feeling all well. Last night we attended the ballet and I was determined just for once not to fall asleep in it. The hypothesis: eating and drinking before a show works swifter than any sleeping pill at putting me quickly to sleep. I went to the dance having had only a cup of tea. Lo! I stayed awake. However I was quite hungry after the show so at 11PM we had a cocktail (a proper Manhattan) a dinner consisting of a salad and small pizza with glass of red wine.

I will spare you the details but somehow Someone and I on the way home ended up at a twenty-four hour grocery store where we purchased (of all things!) Pop-tarts and peanut butter and crackers, respectively. I haven’t ate such rubbish in decades. This morning I overslept and awoke feeling perfectly poisoned and a bit hung over. As I type this I am detoxifying with several cups of medicinal tea (the panacea of all ills).

Next time I attend the ballet I plan on eating beforehand.

I am considering not renewing any of our concert series. We have season tickets to the opera, the symphony, the ballet, and various theatre companies and I fall asleep in all of them. This is the consequence of getting up at 53AM, going all day, and plopping down with a full stomach in comfy seat in a darkened warm auditorium. This seems a waste of money. I feel badly for the classical programs, for they are already anemic and can’t afford losing any more patrons (and a donor to boot).
“Life without art”; we would save a bonanza of loot this way. Nevertheless I have a sense of life becoming utilitarian and drab if we cancel everything.

Perhaps we can renew our series and rather than a cocktail with dinner I can take Nuvigil rather.