Every time I encounter someone important to me, I want a souvenir of them. These transitional objects are never valuable or large. Rather, they are often quirky bibelots – trifles really.  But they are treasured. They help me keep alive my memory and love for the person they represent.


This evening I learned a friend of mine has died. Last week a mutual friend sent me a note to inform me Frank was in hospice care; he had not long to live. I tried calling him over the weekend, but I failed to connect. Tonight on Facebook, a brother in his order posted Frank’s passing.


Frank was a Franciscan brother. I knew him when we worked in a state hospital in the late 80s.  We did not stay in touch other than through Facebook.


Yet I felt a spiritual connection to him, for he made me the rosary in the photograph. He made it with Job’s tears. I carry it in my briefcase. I Hi Michael! Good to hear from you. Write to Fred at I’ll let him know to check his email. Hope all is well! m.goes with me wherever I travel. I admit I don’t pray it often. However when I do, I always think of Frank. The eighth bead in the first decade is slightly larger and more irregular than its fellows. When I finger it, it immediately makes me think of Frank and I fold him into my prayers.


I will miss Bro. Frank. I am grateful to have known him. And I am very thankful for this rosary. So long as I have and use it, he will be remembered.  It makes a lovely souvenir, indeed.