Urs Truly is a history buff; I am continually listening to history courses or watching educational Youtube series. Presently I am plodding through the history of France.  It’s a slow journey, but a fascinating one.


French Revolution picture

It’s 1793 and things are not going well.

Revolutionary France is a pother of politics and paranoia: positively no one is happy. I worry about Mr. Robespierre. The poor man needs to get laid or a long holiday; he’s sounding quite haggard. I sense he will come to no good. The French have gone through a monarchy, a committee, a directory, and an empire is just around the corner. All in all literacy has taken quite a toll.


I was rather empathetic for the Jacobins until they started lopping off heads willy-nilly. Charlotte Corday is another one off my list. She was the young woman who took it upon herself to travel to Paris stab Mr. Marat while in his bathtub. The authorities at the time were incredulous. How could a young woman think of doing such a thing on her own? There must have been a conspiracy behind her. No, she on her own. I thought this admirable until I looked up The Death of Marat” by David; he didn’t stand a chance given the design of the tub.


The French Revolution had some good points. Besides making for a thumping good read, it allowed women to divorce their beastly hubbies; no questions asked.  Such sensible divorce laws won’t resurface in France until the 1970s. Speaking of the 70s, the guillotine was last used in the same year “Star Wars” came out, a fun tid-bit of history for your next nerd-gathering.


Mr. Bonaparte is shortly coming and not a moment too soon in my opinion. I am eager to learn how this simple boy from a minor-noble family from Corsica rose in power to become the greatest emperor television has ever seen. I will keep you posted as to ‘what happens’.