It’s a lovely May morning, although Someone isn’t feeling so spring-like. He’s been driving The Precious lately; the exposure to sun and allergens have taken it’s toll. He will probably have to stay home today while I go to the opera.  Afterwards, there is work to be done. I brought home a wheelbarrow of homework. If there is time, I will go to the gym.

Such licentious living.


Brother #3 called me to announce the newest Spo shall be another boy. The House of Spo is very patrilineal. I’m glad for them, for they seemed destined as a single child family; my niece, Princess-Goddess, could benefit from a sibling. I have 5 months to think of a name. Something with “Master’ in it. I joked if they name him after me I will pay for his college. I sense they are seriously considering this jocular stipulation.


I am running out of tea. This is a sort of crisis. All I have is some green Chinese bilge. This involves another weekend drive errand. Goodness knows when I can do this, but do it I must. I could save time and run out to Albertsons to see if they stock anything beside rubbish, but I prefer getting (you guessed it) proper tea. Shopping without Someone is always hazardous for he is my Jiminy Cricket (or Super-ego, using Freudian mumbo-gumbo). Without his firm hand, I am apt to go in pursuit of 50g of Assam, only to come back with a bricolage of tea-types enough to serve all of England for a fortnight. Serves him right for whizzing around Phoenix in the Precious without wearing driving goggles.