Spo-fans are giving me positive feedback and appreciation for introducing fabulous words. I am pleased to be of service. I have an appetence for fanciful and fustian words.
The English language has a rich lexicon; it seems a shame not to use as many as possible. I see a parallel between a good lexicon and a good wine cellar: Most of the time decent “table wines” suffice, but every once in a while as a treat it’s nice to pull down a better bottle.

After all, language is more than mere communication; it is a means of expression. Besides, it’s jolly good fun!


Here’s are few Spo-approved words to add to your vocabulary. They are guaranteed to break the ice at parties or make you look smarter than you are.


Anodyne – something that relieves distress or pain.

“Bourbon is a marvelous anodyne for the toothache.”


Apodictic – incontestable

‘Don’t question me on bourbon; my word is apodictic on the matter!’


Bibulous – fond of drink

“Last night we had a bibulous night of drinking bourbon”


Cosset – to treat as a pet; pamper; to coddle

“What you need is cosseting. You just sit there and relax and let me get you a bourbon.”


Dysania –  difficulty to get up and going in the morning.

“After a night of being cosseted by bibulous anodynes, I am suffering from dysania. I shan’t get up until 10AM”


Fuzzled – to be intoxicated

“I was not fuzzled last night; my word on this is apodictic!’


Hebetude – the state of being dull and lethargic

“Even if I can through over the hump of dysania, I will be in a state of hebetude all day. Will you be a muffin and cosset me today?”



Snuffbumble – nonsense

“You can’t get up this morning? Snuffbumble! Put on your clothes and get going!”


Sybarite – a person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure.

“You need to lay off of the bourbon Mr. Sybarite!”


Theophany – the manifestation or appearance of the divine to a person.

“Oh, thank you so much for that theophany. Now will you please keep your voice down? My head feels like snuffbumble.”


Vespine – pertaining to wasps; a vicious stinging remark

“Oh spare me your dagger looks and vespine bitching and go take some aspirin.”