Walking the dog

It is already the dog days of summer here in Phoenix, but that isn’t good for the dog. The blazing sun’s summer heat (well over 100 degrees) bakes the pavement hot enough it makes dog walks painful. Dog walks must be done early in the morning before it gets too hot.  Happily the sun rises at 515AM; unhappily Harper rises around 5, and expects me to do likewise.

The local park, Harper’s favorite, is closed this summer for reconstruction. Poor Harper! She often drags me there hoping to find the makeshift berlin-wall fence is gone. Alas, this is not likely to happen before Labor Day.  But your know the saying “When Dog closes a door he opens a window”.  We are exploring new streets and trails.

We see some brilliant sunrises. We also see other dogs on their walks. Some of them are becoming regulars. There is the elderly man with his overweight beagle that whines as we pass. He/she seems to want to play but the owner will not have it. We often see a couple walking a couple of rather large dogs. Harper prefers the company of smaller dogs; with larger canine cousins she goes around them as quickly as possible. Alas, we haven’t encountered any woofy single (and shirtless) gentlemen dog walkers with small dogs who would satisfy the both of us in a run-in (“Opps! I’m so sorry we got our leashes in a tangle!”)


Post-script: Late night dog walks aren’t too bad. Mind! It is still over 90 degrees, so the walks are neither long nor strenuous. They are hot work. But they end with a quick off with the clothes and into the pool. At least for me. Harper is no more likes water than the Wicked Witch of the West.