I am not very limber.  This is ironic, for every year on first of January I vow again to do regular stretching.

Once upon a time I used to be quite plastic; back when I was regularly participating in yoga. Alas, from lack of practice I am quite stiff.

This week  I am rolling out my dusty and neglected stretching mat to achieve the longtime goal and Bucket List item of touching my nose down to my kneecaps.

Good luck.

Every time I get on the mat and give out little grunts of pleasure at the relief of it all I wonder why on earth I don’t regularly do this. My favorite stretches are those done lying on my back. Twisting my legs back and forth, left to right, makes me feel like whats-her-name in “Young Frankenstein”: “Roll, roll, roll, roll!”.

yoga-kids-dead-bug-pose-800x800 I proceed next to put both feet up into the air as if awaiting a pelvic exam.  This ignominious position is called The dead bug”. It is slightly undignified but it is a marvelous way to stretch ou the lower back.




???????????????????????????????I think I have the tightest hamstrings in the world; most of my stretches are attempts to loosen up them up.  This is another ‘legs in the air” pose. The butt goes up against the wall with the legs up/soles to the ceiling and hands back behind the head. Oh! What joy I slowly spread my legs to make a “V”.  Lovely!  This would be oh-so serene position is marred by Harper who likes to take this opportunity to lick my face and forehead. It is rather distracting, trying to zen with the universe only to have a dog slurp you between the eyes.





What feels best is stretching the shoulders and “lats”, whether on the floor in a ‘salaam’ or while standing in a doorway, hands on each side,  and falling forward.  A good grip is required lest you fall forward.




Once upon a time I was able to do all sorts of marvelous yoga poses with exquisite names such as “The dog”, “the cobra”, and “the warrior’. But not now.  I wonder if it is possible to do them again. Perhaps I am too far gone.

Well, I may not be capable of bending down so my nose can snip my kneecap but it feels jolly good fun to try.

I will keep you posted if I pull anything.