Here is a half-baked entry I’ve had for sometime. I can’t get it to more certain or clear. I decided to publish it “as is”. Perhaps doing so I will see where it goes.  

Urs Truly


Virtue is a funny word for it has changed its sex.  Nowadays ‘virtue’ and ‘being virtuous’ are predominately feminine words.  However, the word ‘virtue’ originates from masculine characteristics rather.  “Virile” and “virility” remain male but ‘virtue’ are now female. It’s a pity; I propose remaking ‘virtue’ back into its original state as an adjective to describe positive male traits.

I want to work on improving my virtue. Like my waistline, I have to keep on guard I don’t slacken into a lack thereof.

Take, for example, the virtue of charisma. One of charisma’s aspects is ‘presence’. Alas, all too often when I am in conversation with another at a dinner or party I don’t focus on the person in front of me. I need to improve this and not be distracted by every little fiddle-faddle.

Another manly virtue is toughness. I define being tough as consistency  despite the hardships at hand. Too often I wimp out when exercising. No wonder I am not making my goals at the gym. I need to not succumb to discomfort but push onwards.

Valor has an element of working for the sake of the welfare of others.  So many people see growth or self-awareness as an internal journey focused on themselves. I feel shame when I hear heroic tales of soldiers who didn’t fear death as much as fearing letting others down.  I need to do more towards my fellow beings.

I recently read an article resonating with the concern we are not a nation of adults but seven-year-olds.  It would be worthwhile to mature into men with virtue. I am going to work on mine.