I recently attended a friend’s birthday dinner which was held at a Chinese restaurant. I was impressed with the place. so tonight after work I took Someone there for “Friday night we eat out supper”. I am pleased to report the second encounter was as satisfactory as the first. The service was quick; the food was good; the price not too high. It’s a keeper.


I like Chinese cuisine but Chinese restaurants vary in quality. Either they are trendy-expensive-‘fushion’ places or they are dingy hole-in-the-wall fried rubbish. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. I live in a large metropolitan city, so there is enough competition to keep the cooks on their toes. In small towns Chinese is usually the monopoly of one ‘Asian” restaurant combining Chinese,  Japanese, Thai, and Korean (and not in a good way). Their scary-yaki combo special is usually inexpensive and equivocally tasteless.

The majority of Chinese restaurants are staffed by Chinese which for some reason I still find surprising. The waitstaff seldom seem to speak English suggesting ‘they just got here’ with an awful implication of a stipulation for immigration is being forced to serve kung pao.

The waitresses at tonight’s dinner were charming and quite obsequious. There sure were a lot of them. It initially was charming to have someone frequently ask if I wanted more iced tea but it soon became too much of a good thing. Five different servers checked in every five minutes on the level of my glass. When they weren’t whisking away dirty plates and replenishing 4/5th full glasses they were speaking rapidly in Mandarin to each other. I wonder what they are saying.


This is a good as place as any to discuss the dreaded ubiquitous fortune cookie. These are as tasteless as cardboard (which at times I suspect they are). I usually abjure, but when I do open one I want a proper fortune, no rubbish. I often get some sort of useless new-age statement like

“Unforgiveness is like eating hot stones” *

What I want is a prediction or warning along the line:

Lucky! You are going to get laid”


“For Pete’s sake don’t do what you are plotting.”


What I like: kung pao chicken, moo shu pork, and hot&sour soup.

What I don’t like: sweet and sour pork (floating in fuchsia sauce) and anything with the words ‘with meat”. This makes me look around to see if I can spot any neighborhood cats.




* This is an actual quotation from a actual fortune cookie. I asked for my money back but all I got was a new fortune cookie.  It said “Walk humbly” which I think was a set-up.