Michelangelo_Buonarroti_027It’s been one of those days; I am in a lugubrious state.  It seems the country – nay, the world – is barking mad. I get chest pains at the rampant ignorance running amok these days.


As a boy I was told I was ‘too sensitive for I seemed to have a genius level of feeling. Because of this heightened empathy I was easily affected by hurt, sorrow, and stupidity. In response, I developed a habit to avoid things and crawl into a hedgehog hole and pulling the door shut.  Every once in a while I try to be more brave, ‘man up’, and conjure up my inner ‘Warrior”, and face the Demons of Ignorance.

Unfortunately the internet is the ultimate Pandora’s box which releases the world’s sorrows and zanies in one sockdolagar of an onslaught. There is no end to what drives me to distraction and despair: Fox News, The GOP, The Tea Party, religious zealots (of any persuasion) – the list goes on and on. Like any sane person I despise cruelty, so why is it the Yahoos seem to be winning? Education, science, reason – and good manners – are all rejected in favor of shouting and pushing one’s way to get what one wants. I recently viewed some ASPCA documentaries on puppy mills and abandoned dogs; I was ready to take gas. Even as I type my fellow Arizonians are organizing an armed protest against a busload of refugee children. These are the same who lament on Sunday we are not a Christian nation. We are the only civilized nation who doesn’t provide some sort of reasonable health care to its citizens. The prison system is broken; the politicians are in the pockets of the Koch brothers et. al.

Look no further than my Maricopa county where Sheriff Joe is repeatedly re-elected. That sums things up nicely.


What my inner-child wants, of course, is the equivalent of Mother to put her arms around me and assure me everything will be all right, for God watches over us and cares for us and blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice (while she gives me something nice to eat like a homemade brownie). Alas, Mother isn’t here now (as they sing in “Into the Woods”) and we can’t seem to kill the Giants.


I guess I will turn off CNN, Huff Post, Yahoo, and the TV, drink my wormwood and crawl under the covers. Perhaps tomorrow there will be enough Warriors who will keep fighting the good fight. I hope the demons of Ignorance haven’t eaten them all in the night.