The Weekend Guest arrives tonight. This was my incentive to tidy up the backyard.  At this time of year we don’t get out in the yard much, other than to make a beeline to the pool.  The backyard is in disarray and wants attention. Most of the plants have died, victims of relentless summer.  Desert dust get onto everything.  While Someone swept and dusted the furniture I tended the plants.

I try to grow herbs and perennials but it is just not humanly possible. I’ve learned to stick with succulents. Xerigardening has its hazards. Just about everything in the yard has prickers and nasty big pointed teeth. Heavy gloves are a must when pruning pickers or pulling pups. Transplanting cacti are particularly tricky; it requires wrapping them in blankets prior to transfer. I stick manage to get one or two pricks. Once in they are recalcitrant and as immovable as the rocks at Stonehenge.

The backyard is presently past the point of being an embarrassment. It is feasible for outdoor entertaining if The Weekend Guest fancies it. Alas, as I sit, I continuously scan the horizon making a mental list of things still to do. It feels feckless; nature is against us.  There is a continual dropping from the mesquite tree; the monsoons brings in more layers of dust. There is no end!  Ah well.

The pool and hot tub are ready if The Weekend Guest wants a dip. That’s the most important matter. I am in charge of lighting the tea candles and ‘circle of friends’ if we sit outdoors. I sense we will merely just go to bed – aren’t we the sybarites!

Tonight I will sleep with the quiet satisfaction the agaves and cacti are tided up and I no triffids were found.