sushi-cats_2 I was searching on Youtube for postings on the history of the Chinese Republic when I saw a ‘you might like this link’ to something called “Cats as food”.  It is a five-minute long documentary on the Chinese custom of cats not as pets but for cooking. She showed via hidden camera cats in cages next to the chickens, ducks, and piglets. They were handled with tongs. The authoress of the video made it a shocking documentary: isn’t it ghastly cats are used as haute cuisine. At one point she was assaulted by a Chinese merchant, who told her to f*ck off. He called her a meddlesome westerner and to get out of his shop. She went on to explain how popping pussies into pies is a long time delicacy in China. She let the cat out of the bag (pun intended) it is perfectly legal to buy and sell cats as produce, so it wasn’t like people were breaking the law or deceiving the lunch crowd it is chicken.

I found myself curiously sympathizing with the Chinese merchants and customers. She did come across as a meddlesome “food police”. I noticed she wasn’t objecting to the other caged animals destined for the butcher. I wondered how she would react at home if some outsider from India barged into her dinner demanding she stop eating steak as cows are sacred.


I’d sooner eat rats in Tewkesbury than cats in Canton, but who am I to criticize another’s diet. If I didn’t like the notion of sweet and sour feline how do I justify eating any meat?

Another emotion I have to analyze: the notion of cat food (pun intended) makes me wrinkle my nose in disgust but eating dog is another matter. I would be as outraged as she. I would be trying to free up the dogs destined for kung pao.

I hope Spo-fans aren’t reading this while eating supper. My point here is how much right do we have to condemn or even ban what others eat and drink if we don’t want it ourselves. What about ‘bad food’ like fast food or fried bits? Can I nag others on the excuse I am a physician?

It is food for thought.